• Arden
    It's the small
    things that make
    a difference
  • Arden

    Not just an ingredient
    but a way of life
  • Arden
    Olive trees are ancient
    and wise and every olive
    contains this essence


Beyond being a superfood, olives carry a lot of meaning in Spain.

They represent what life is all about: moments with your loved ones that feed your heart.

They are constant reminders that there's no time like the present to connect with the people you care about, share stories, laughter and flavours.

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Types of olives

types of olives - olives from spain

"The classic one"

Sharp and spicy flavour. Velvety texture. Delicious to snack on as they are or with seasonings. Add it to any dish for that something extra.

types of olives - olives from spain

"Dark and shiny"

Juicy and lighter flavour. A great ‘first’ olive for newbies. Pairs well with pasta, pizza, potatoes, breads etc.

types of olives - olives from spain

"The Moti Walli"

Bold, silky smooth and fleshy texture. Best had on their own as you want to sink into the rich texture of this jazzy olive.

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Olives are one of the most popular ready-to-eat snacks and one of the best flavour hacks you can find for all the recipes in your cooking arsenal. Discover our range of recipes. From speedy olive snacks and appetizers with a touch, to authentic Mediterranean meals and Indian dishes with an olive twist.

olives from spain
olives from spain
olives from spain
olives from spain

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